Band Lineups

5 Piece Standard

Male & Female Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass & Drums.
Our most popular option, all our demos and photos are based on this line up.

7 Piece with Brass Section

Male & Female Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass & Drums with added Sax & Trumpet.
Our biggest line up with a fantastic soulful sound. For those who want the very best. Perfect for larger Weddings, Corporate Functions and large events.

4 Piece

Male & Female Vocals Guitar, Keyboards & Drums.
Same as 5 piece just without the bass guitar. Our fantastic keyboard player covers the bass lines with his left hand whilst still playing the piano and keyboard with his right hand. Great for smaller budgets, restricted space. We can play the majority of the 5 piece band tracks and take up less space on stage.